What We Provide


If you are looking for a specific furniture piece(s) that we currently don’t have in our assortment and you have trouble searching, selecting and buying the right piece for your needs, don’t hesitate to let us know. We can take over your sourcing process on a commission-free (no cure no pay) base for you. Because of our international network we would be able to venture out your request easily to a pool of internationally operating furniture professionals. If you like to have a conversation about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the website and let us know what you’re looking for


We have the option of selling used design and vintage furniture in consignment on behalf of clients. Due to our international network and access to international trading platforms we can provide the client with a total solution. The needs of the client will be taken care of in full, from intake of the furniture to shipping of the furniture once it’s been sold. We love to discuss the available options with you. In any case we are able to provide you with a full service approach against limited costs. Due to our international exposure we are able to get you the best sales result for your unique piece of design furniture.


For every occasion or event we have rental furniture pieces available. In general, the pieces on sale can also be rented out for a certain period. Alongside we also have some dedicated rental pieces available. For example for events or for filling in temporary shortages in furniture for hotels, restaurants or public spaces. The pieces for rent permanently are designated as such in our collection. Please send us an email for available rental options to you.


We have the possibility of recreating any rare spare part for your cherished furniture piece out of metal. In absence of current production, we're able to replicate this part on your behalf. We work together with professional companies able to (re)create a diversity of spare parts, only with the use of an existing part to clone it from. Mostly through the use of CNC machining. We've done it for several models already successfully. Please contact us for more information on possibilities.


We have the option of reupholstering furniture pieces for you in the desired fabric or leather. If you like certain furniture pieces we have on sale but you’re not convinced on the current fabric or leather, we can customize it according to your desires. We work together with professional workshops (ateliers) for furniture upholstery and we can supply you with most fabrics, such as Kvadrat, De Ploeg, Camira, Keymer, Gabriel, and diferent sorts of leather


In case you are in the possession of a vintage piece for which you're looking authentication and provenance, we can help you. If you have your doubts on authenticity and history on one of the pieces you have in your possession, we're able to perform a search and provenance check for you. We'll provide it for lower costs than an official art appraiser too. We can provide you with the certainty you need. Please contact us for more information to discuss possibilities.

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