Our warehouse is located in the South-Western part of the Netherlands. We’re more than happy to accommodate your visit. Please let us know if you want to come by in person.


Our office is located in Tholen, The Netherlands

We currently have a job opening for an internship (M/F)

If you’re looking to learn everything about the vintage and design furniture business and if you’re willing to grow into the organization, send us an email with your resumé (CV).

We have no prerequisites for education, but you need to have a strong afection for design (furniture), you need to be able to be available for at least 2 days per week and live in a radius of 50 km from Tholen. Furthermore, we’re looking for someone with at least a drivers license (B).

The internship will consist of all relevant elements of the vintage business, which consists of support in purchase, sales, marketing and logistics. You’ll be introduced in a broad range of topics comprising the vintage business.

We sell through the following platforms as well.

We can accommodate you with shipping solutions and we ship European-wide and worldwide.

We can provide you with a competitive sea freight – and airmail shipping quote based on your requirements. We have contracts with all major freight forwarders specialized in high value furniture transport

We can provide bespoke shipping to you, including custom built wooden crates, comprehensive soft packing, insurance and paperwork, making sure that your precious furniture is shipped with utmost protection.

We have no current fairs or exhibitions upcoming.

Our company was created out of hobby in 2019. Our love for design in general and furniture in specific lead us to renew our interior on regular base. At a certain point, we became more knowledgeable on design furniture, more passionate about it during the process and more enthousiast about the idea of actually expanding this hobby into a real business. In the meantime we’ve expanded our business substantially.

We started in Artifort pieces and expanded the activities slowly into other design. Nowadays, our assortment consists of a curated selection of high-quality furniture time pieces, ranging from the art-deco era to the contemporary era, with a strong focus on French and Italian design from the 1960s till the 2000s. We always strive for an eclectic mix of styles.

Our assortment is carefully selected for our customer base, whereby we focus on quality, rarity and design. We like to have a variety in our assortment between established and wellknown premium pieces and less well-known items that are still considered afordable. We also have new (modern) design in our assortment through representation of several brands. More information under the Contemporary Section.

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