S2 palissander wood dining chair by Alfred Hendrickx for Belform 1950s, set of 7

S2 palissander wood dining chair by Alfred Hendrickx for Belform 1950s, set of 7

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S2 PaLISSANDER wood dining chair by Alfred Hendrickx, set of 7

About this item

Beautiful, sleek and elegant. Those are the first words a design enthousiast might have if one lays is eyes on this set of dining chairs. Designed by Alfred Hendrickx in the 50s for Belform Belgium, the design is a prime example of the mid century style.

Hendrickx is one of the most noteworthy contributors to the Belgium modernist design wave.

Where Hendrickx distinguishes himself from Danish peers in that era, is in particular for the used wood, the sleekness of the design and its sheer simplicity with keen elements in the design.

Although the chairs look very fragile they are very solid in their construction. As well, the bend/curve in the palissander wood silhouette is very cleverly done while the top part looks very minimalistic and sleek. The palissander wood really complements the design and has a beautiful pattern while the combination between the skai / leatherette and the wood is very elegant and provides a beautiful contrast.

Certainly a very rare model to come by, and certainly more exclusive than the typical Danish designers such as Niels Otto Moller.

The chairs were original called model S11 however the chairs are nowadays named as S2. Archival records are present to support this.

Seat height is 44 cm.

About  its condition 

The chairs are in excellent overall condition with some small patina visible on the wood while the skai has been replaced in the past. The skai is in excellent condition. The frames are 100% stable and without repairs.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 45 × 81 cm


Country of manufacture



Alfred Hendrickx

Era of manufacture



Reupholstered, Very Good


leatherette, Palissander

Seat height

44 cm

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