Round Carara Marble Mosaic Coffee Table by Heinz Lilienthal 1970s

Round Carara Marble Mosaic Coffee Table by Heinz Lilienthal 1970s

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Round Carara Marble Mosaic Coffee Table by Heinz Lilienthal 1970s


About the item

Beautiful mosaic on marble!

Very rare round coffee table with a beautiful handmade top, made in Germany. This table is designed and made by Polish born but German raised artist Heinz Lilienthal in the 1970s. Heinz Lilienthal was a Polish born artist and one of the most recognized glass painters of the post-war years. In his career he also designed and made coffee and dining tables, mostly consisting of different layers of beautiful marble and other materials such as hard stone.

It comes from the Carrara series by Lilienthal. Lilienthal created the top by cutting down the marble into small pieces and then crafted them in such a way that the round shape of the marble remained intact. Afterwards, the marble pieces were connected through epoxy and then the entire top was coated in a transparant varnish. The advantage of this construction is that the marble is strong due to the epoxy and still the top seems to consist out of 1 piece because the surface is smooth. An absolute masterpiece. As well, the underside of this table features a brick construction whereby brick tiles have been scaffolded in a pattern. So, even the underside of this table is a work of art of his own.

The foot is made out of stainless steel and has a typical four-leg foot design.

The table is an authentic Lilienthal table and has been traced back in the original catalogue as a different variant of the “Chartre” table. The basic marble top is exactly the same however the inner mosaic is different and a different foot has been mounted. Other exact same tables have been found as well in the international market.

The dimensions are diameter 110 cm Height 50 cm.

If the customer wishes; we can replace the steel foot with a higher steel foot in order to elevate the table up to 72-76 cm. This will transform the table into a dining table. 

About its condition

The top is still in very good condition with only very minor cracks and chips in the veneer. No structural damage anywhere. The foot is in good condition as well and surely original for this table.

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 50 cm

Heinz Lilienthal

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Heinz Lilienthal

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marble, steel, stone


Very Good

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