FM50 sofa by Cornelis Zitman for UMS Pastoe 1964

FM50 sofa by Cornelis Zitman for UMS Pastoe 1964

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FM50 sofa by Cornelis Zitman for UMS Pastoe 1964

This sofa is for sale with a matching FM52 armchair. 


About the item 

This is a very special sofa indeed. It’s part of a set with an FM52 armchair. The set very likely concerns an early development model, a functional mock-up or prototype for the FM50 and FM52 series, as confirmed by Pastoe. The original models were drawn by Cornelis Zitman, a Dutch artist and sculptor who lended his creative abilities to UMS Pastoe for the development of a distinctly designed set of chairs, armchairs and sofas.The original models were produced in small quantities, due to the high production costs, and are therefore quite rare. This early development model is extremely rare and likely the only set to exist in this shape. It was acquired in Belgium, so this special set must have found its way somehow during multiple decades outside of the Netherlands.

Although it’s a matter of taste, we consider this prototype to be better looking than the later production versions. The multiplex teak shells have been formed in a beautiful wave pattern. Where the mockup distinguishes itself from the later production versions is that the outer shells have been filled in with another set of multiplex teak shell, absent of the original rubber straps, that follow the wave pattern of the outer shells. This creates a nearly seamless seating position that follows the natural curvature of the body. Despite the sofa and armchair to be fitted in naked multiplex, the seating position is surprisingly comfortable. And to be honest, we consider the design of this set to be absolutely astounding, in particular due to the double wave pattern, both on seat and backrest. The naked plywood gives a robust and pure appeal to this set and will surely look very good in any modernist or brutalist interior decor setting.

All the original details have been kept, such as the distinct metal frame, bolting points and screws.

The sofa will be delivered with original cushions and pillows, and can be equipped with the original style rubber bands, if desired. The pillows can easily be reupholstered in any fabric and color wanted.

About its condition 

The sofa seems to be in original condition, at least all details seem to be original upon inspection. Except for some small wear on the multiplex, the sofa is in very good condition.



Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 80 × 122 × 70 cm

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