Bespoke Balestra Chaise Longue by Marzio Cecchi for Studio Most Italy 1968

Bespoke Balestra Chaise Longue by Marzio Cecchi for Studio Most Italy 1968

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Bespoke Balestra Chaise Longue by Marzio Cecchi for Studio Most Italy 1968


About the item 

Space age, modernism, minimalism and topped with Italian flair; all seems to be bundled in this one of a kind iconic design by the late Florentine architect Marzio Cecchi (1940-1990). Marzio Cecchi was a well-renowned architect from Firenze, who created his own design studio for furniture in the 60s, called Studio Most, where he designed many iconic pieces. Many of his pieces were bespoke made-to-order pieces or outlandish designs produced in small series. Marzio Cecchi is a designer well known for its creativity in the use and combination of materials and his unique style in designing. He took inspiration from ancient Romain architecture and the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, and incorporated this in his style of Italian modernism. Items of Cecchi are well sought after in the design world, largely due to their scarcity.

After having achieved his first recognitions as a designer, he was joined by his sister who began to start the sale of furniture designed by Marzio Cecchi both in Italy and in the rest of the world. This, relying on the great design furniture exhibitions, found a large number of buyers ready to spend huge sums to grab what were considered as real design furniture, innovative and with studied and harmonious lines.

Year after year, the number of awards won grew exponentially, leading Marzio Cecchi to be considered an innovative and creative designer, promoter of the beauty associated with the functionality of the furnishings and their comfort. In addition, another element that characterized his creations was connected to the craftsmanship of the same, so much so that some of them were purchased by internationally renowned museums. Needless to say that his designs are very well appreciated in the current design space.

For the Balestra series Cecchi was inspired by the ancient craft of metal bending and the art of curvatures.In this specific case, it concerns a unique one-of-a-kind Balestra Chaise Longue, created as a bespoke project by Marzio Cecchi. In contrast to the normal chaise longue, the weight is supported on only one side. The ingenious counterweight construction is visibly different, whereby the foot and counterweight consist of one solid part. Looking from one side the chaise longue really seems to float. The chair features a brass bent steel frame and back leather upholstered cilinders. The chair is numbered 01/01, providing authenticity for its rarity. The feet is provided with the original Cecchi signature.

The chair will be a perfect and eye-catching piece for any fashion, lifestyle or design photoshoot or film and rental options can be discussed for locations within Europe.

This item is also for rent, please contact us for possibilities.

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About its condition 

The chair is in very good and fully original condition with some small patina on the leather.



Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 150 × 80 × 85 cm

Studio Most


Original, Very Good


Marzio Cecchi

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leather, metal

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