Belgian modernist long mahogany sideboard 1970s

Belgian modernist long mahogany sideboard 1970s

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Belgian modernist long mahogany sideboard 1970s


About the item:

A very special long mahogany sideboard from Belgian origin.

Produced in lacquered mahogany veneer during the 70s, its exact origin (manufacturer/designer) is still unknown.

The sideboard has styling elements that match Roger de Winter, Rudolf Glatzel, Alfred Hendrickx and Richard Young to name a few. In the end, the sideboard truly has its own style and finesse and a second matching example has not been found.

The sideboard is certainly from Belgian origin since certain details, such as the keys and locks, reveal a Belgian lockmaker. As well, the previous owner ensured that the sideboard was a Belgian product. The magnetic strips that ensure smooth opening and closing bears similarities with De Coene Kortrijk.

The entire sideboard is build extremely solid. The top part consists of lacquered mahogany veneer. There is one horizontal steel strip at the top as a visual ornament. Below there are 4 hinging cabinets, 2 of whom can be locked with separate keys. One of the cabinets bears 3 separate sliding drawers in bare multiplex. Every other cabinet is subdivided by at least 2 multiplex laying boards. The sideboard features no outwards handles.

The bottom of the sideboard features a unique design with 2 separate feet that has adjustable glides, all made out of brushed steel. In between the 2 feet, there is a horizontal strip of mahogany to connect them. Due to this construction, the sideboard has a floating effect.

About its condition: 

In a solid condition without any substantial damage but with overall traces of use in the lacquered top layer.

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 245 × 46 × 85 cm

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